If you are following OculusVR’s founder, Palmer Luckey, on Twitter then you would have read the breaking news that Minecraft Windows 10 version is coming out this Spring 2016 for Oculus Rift!

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Earlier this year at the E3 Convention we saw an amazing demo of Minecraft on Microsoft’s HoloLens, which blew not only our minds, but pretty much was the talk of the town for weeks!

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Even Notch had something to say about it:

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On Reddit, Palmer Luckey, Founder of OculusVR said, “To cut to the chase: We won’t be launching Rift preorders during the show, so don’t wear out your F5 key while you are watching the keynote! I would not normally make this kind of post, especially since it is not really news or a change in plan (I publicly talked about this with several media outlets as early as E3 and Gamescom), but I want to make sure nobody is disappointed or surprised.
Connect is a developer show first, enthusiast show second, consumer show third. There will be some consumer-facing announcements, but all in the context of their relevance to developers and the growing VR ecosystem. We will be announcing and co-announcing some really cool stuff.”

I think you should be able to watch using the Twitch app, but watch out for data useage! – Palmer Luckey

What’s really cool is you will be able to watch the VR through the Twitch.tv app, so if you have Google Cardboard, it’ll almost be like you can experience what the gamer is experiencing… pretty cool!

Stay tuned as we bring you more.

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