Let’s play some Minecraft! This week we shine the spotlight on Mike, aka Micmastadon. Micmastadon’s channel is probably the best the place for Minecraft buildings, tutorials, guides, walkthroughs, fails, some role-playing and adventures in Minecraft – both vanilla and mods – and occasionally some other games.

I try to be family- and kid-friendly when playing Minecraft, but I may play some other “Rated M” games.”

Micmastodon mentions that if you are the type to have an eye for detail and never keep any stone unturned, then you would really enjoy his videos because he has hidden surprises!

Micmastodon started only about nine months ago and he’s slowly grown to about 200 subscribers. If what we’ve mentioned so far sounds interesting, check out his channel out at www.youtube.com/user/>micmastodon

We’ve also got a bit of a secret for you all. Micmastodon told us about a project he’s working on. “I’m creating a mystery storyline in my YouTube series of vanilla Minecraft on the blocLIST server. Right now it’s just some clues on the server for my server mates and some easter eggs in my videos. But in the next couple weeks hopefully it will expand into something pretty big with an ending that I think is going to be pretty crazy. I’m planning to go into black-and-white film-noir-detective-style for a few episodes. ” We can’t wait!

Here’s his latest video, for you to check out:

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