Minecraft 1.9 looks to be quite an interesting update. Since I last covered the update back in January, a few things have changed.

Minecraft 1.9 – What We Already Know

Animation/Entity Model Updates

This one is more for modders and mapmakers, but in short, it would allow the creation of new or different mobs, implemented via resourcepacks. Recently more information has come out regarding this – an example given is new textures for different damage value. 

Pressed Dirt

Inspired by a suggestion from /u/LupusX on Reddit, Jeb added “Pressed Dirt” a path/road block, which is just shorter than a normal block, making it good for indented roads. This has been confirmed for a long time now, but we’re not sure if multiple heights are available (similar to snow).


A new GUI (Graphical User Interface) for commandblocks is in the way, making it much easier to create commands. The revamped GUI would also allow pressing Tab to autocomplete (similar to typing commands in). This has been confirmed, but we don’t have any images of it yet. 

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When asked for a spoiler for 1.9, Ryan Holtz (@TheMogMiner) tweeted “Planning on switching to using shaders. No more fixed-function OpenGL. Performance boost and extensibility, good times.” Since this tweet, Holtz has left Mojang, so the development of this feature is in limbo. 


Proper support for multiple bosses/boss bars. This feature is confirmed, but nothing beyond the screenshot below has been provided. 

This means mapmakers can use boss bars to display information in their maps, and have multiple bars.

Ender Dragon Update

Dinnerbone has been reworking the Enderdragon Bossfight for PC, to make it similar to the Console Edition. To quote Dinnerbone, “I am redoing the mechanics to be similar to how it is on Console Edition, but I’m taking it a step further. I have Plans™.”

Mystery Creative Block

Apparently the block is available only in creative, and offers world changing effects. We don’t know anything else.

Closed Captions

Something Dinnerbone is working on, captions would include things like [Creeper Hiss].


Mojang has been asking the community for ideas to improve combat, and it looks to be one of the main features of this update.

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