Maths is that subject no-one likes, right? Well, yes, but it also produces some pretty awesome looking things. As a follow up to yesterday’s post about three_two‘s Menger Sponge, here’s a Mandlebulb Fractal that you can play a survival game of Minecraft on (or in, I guess?).

To explain what a Mandlebulb Fractal is would take a long time, and is way above my expertise. The long and short of it is that it’s numbers, and when you create a model of them, it looks awesome.

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Here are the specifics of the map:

Mandlebulb fractal roughly 256x256x256 populated with Minecraft decorations, ores, mineshafts and even a stronghold! Natural biomes. A few things to note:

  • Unfortunately because there’s not a lot of real estate at the stronghold’s height level, it’s just kind of floating there.
  • Ore distribution has been vertically stretched to double what it is in vanilla. For example if diamond ore normaly spawns from y=0-16, in the fractal it’s y=0-32.
  • The fractal does not meet any of the spawn conditions of lava lakes, water lakes and dungeons so, there are none. Single water and lava sources can be found.
  • As you might have noticed in the image, no villages.
  • Beyond the fractal no land will generate, just an ocean of air.

You can download the map and play it for yourself.

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