Minecraft Realms, the service that lets you play with friends, family and other Minecrafters without having to go through the hassle of setting up your own server, has become reasonably popular. Mojang wants to make it even more popular, and they’re now giving away 12,000 keys for 14 day trials.

The details of the giveaway are quite simple:

To celebrate the obvious coolness of Minecraft Realms we thought we’d give away 12,000 14 day trials this weekend. 500 will be available from within your Minecraft client each hour from 11 am UTC on Saturday until 11am on Sunday. To grab one, load up Minecraft and choose Minecraft Realms from the main menu. If you see a link offering you a free trial, click it and your trial will begin! There’s no catch whatsoever! Literally none!

Let us  know what you think about the giveaway, and Realms in general.

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