Double Points Week

With one arrow, you must fight against your friends in an arena, racing to collect ten kills. This is One in the Quiver – a classic minigame. Settle rivalries, practise your bow skills and climb the rankings. If that’s not enough of a reason to play, we’re now giving double points for the entire week.  Kills are now worth 4 points, and wins are worth 20.

Now’s the perfect time to topple me from the podium and claim the prize of VIP.



Explore a forgotten facility, ravaged by time and nature, yet still standing. The maze-like buildings will prove a challenge for all but the most experienced players. Furthermore, beware the heights, as falling may prove dangerous.

Play One in the Quiver on our new Lavaland arena.
Play One in the Quiver on our new Lavaland arena, but be careful near lava!

Explore the hidden town of Moonshire, and its various buildings. Don’t stray into the forest, or you may find your way blocked by a mysterious force.

“Sanctuary” Preview:

Check out this preview of the upcoming One in the Quiver map “Sanctuary”

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