The most recent example of something awesome made in Vanilla Minecraft was Samasaurus6’s “Planetary Confinement”, which I reviewed and compared to Herobrine’s Mansion in terms of innovation. Today, Elementis was released. According to the trailer and description, it’s a Survival Games map, made in Vanilla Minecraft. That doesn’t sound impressive, until you read the description of the Imgur album, where the creators, a build team called “Forsaken Mapping”  state that “All the game logic, chest resets and game mechanics are controlled by more than 200 commandblocks. The majority of that is a massive reset line that randomises the 100+ chests on the map.” That sounds pretty intense. 2015-02-07_21.48.53

If that’s not enough to get you interested, the trailer that goes along with the map is also epic. As you can see above. It doesn’t show any combat though, which is a bit disappointing. 2015-03-12_21.37.10

The map boasts support for up to twenty players, with loot balanced around that number. However, Natural Regeneration is turned off to balance this out. 2015-03-12_21.38.17




You can download the map from Forsaken Mapping’s website

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