Tomorrowland from Disney Pictures starring George Clooney is going to be thee blockbuster of the summer! Its a Science fiction slash mystery movie with a Utopian city setting, so you know what that means… It means they finally have found a way to live inside of Minecraft. lol. What better way to recreate Tomorrowland than in Minecraft. Disney teamed up with to promote their upcoming summer sci fi hit by providing them with some concept art and he also used one frame from the film trailer.

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Enjoy the eye candy: is a team of 4 Minecraft enthusiasts who make amazing Minecraft maps for fun and a living. If you want you can check out their website for other Minecraft builds they have created. Minecraft Tomorrowland is availble for download and you can download it here.

Download: Planetminecraft

Check out for more of their amazing work.

-Source: Reddit | Imgur

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