Hoppers are one of the most useful updates Minecraft has had. They’ve allowed the creation of huge item sorting systems, intricate timers and a plethora of other devices. Yet their models don’t make a huge amount of sense. Things  don’t connect, yet items magically flow through them. Reddit User JakBB has created a concept that aims to change this.

Basic Concept of Connected Hoppers1

Hoppers connect with each other when touching on the X and/or Z axis (They also can connect on more than 2 sides)
U8a4fHz They will also connect when touching on the Y axis AibY7wa
Here you can see how the result will look like when connected hoppers are used in practical setups

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Unfortunately this is currently only a concept. There is no way to add connected hoppers to your own world. JakBB has stated however that “This is only a concept that will be released when (and if) connected models will be released as a feature of MCPatcher or/and Optifine”; so there is some hope.

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