The creation on show today is an infinitely expandable, flush, seamless and stable door. Basically, it’s a giant redstone door. Created by Wout12345, it represents more than 100 hours of work to create, and then more to produce the video.

Description (From PlanetMinecraft)

IFSS-1 stands for infinitely expandable, flush, seamless and stable door. Infinite in the sense that the design is practically the same with dimensions such as 10×10 compared to the 100×100 one shown in this video. It’s expandable along the horizontal axis as long as you can keep the machine loaded and expandable along the vertical axis up to a maximal door height of 106. However, this is because of the sky limit, which would limit any expandable machine, so I don’t consider this an issue. It’s flush and seamless in the sense that … well, it’s set up against a wall next to a floor, and the inside is entirely smooth in the opened state. Stable? This is a term I thought would apply here. All it means is that the blocks keep their position if you open and close it. This wasn’t a big challenge, but rather something I had to bare in mind while designing this contraption.


You can download the door from PlanetMinecraft


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