If you want to make Minecraft look stunning, external renders with fancy lighting is generally the way to go. Today, here are 9 amazing renders that show off just how awesome Minecraft can look!

#1 – “Tower from Afar” | sth-

This render features terrain from Biomes-o-Plenty and an epic looking tower in the distance!

#2 – “The Witch’s Lair” | wolfsam


#3 – “A Foggy Forest Morning” | mhans3

While this looks like it could almost be a screenshot with shaders, it’s actually a really cool render. Check out the reflections on the water!

#4 – Server Spawn | ZgMc

This is so cool that I had to put in two images!

#5 – “Castle Neuschwanstein” | RoqqR

Neuschewanstein is an actual German castle, built in the 1870’s. This Minecraft recreation is fantastic, and the render shows it off very well.

The Swan King's Castle [UHD] by RoqqR

#6 – “Birds-Eye World Continents” | sth-

A massive render showing off the continents of this particular Minecraft world, which happens to be the same as the first render.

#7 – “A Midday Meal”  | TheBestBeggar

The pig in the background is paying more attention to the pork than the wolf..somehow?

#8 – “Enemy Hunt” | BlueShibe

I like this just for the simplicity, and the really cool skins!

#9 – “Enchantment Room” | DutchAnimations

The final render is really impressively detailed! You can also watch a timelapse of it being created on Youtube.

Which render was your favourite? Have you made your own epic render? Let us know in the comments below!

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