As of Minecraft 1.8 there is going to be a new proverbial shark in the waters: underwater temples. Nothing much is known yet except that they will be extremely difficult not only due to their location, but the creepy new mob that spawns inside of them. This might be the breath of fresh air that hardcore players have been yearning for. Recently with all the updates players have been left just a little too powerful but based off of initial tests this may be one of the hardest fought battles short of the final bosses.

New Dungeon

*Like a Mayan temple only with 10X the sacrifice

New Underwater Dungeon

Very inviting indeed

Finding the temple is a challenge in itself due to the fact they only are created in appropriately sized bodies of water and they are often hard to spot. However finding them is just a small portion of the challenge of the underwater temple. To attempt this players have to be extremely prepared and bring all of the best equipment they have to weather not only the long periods spent underwater, but also the terrifying enemies within.

New water dungeons contain a huge version of the Guardian mob

Nightmares not pictured

Here is just a brief glimpse of what terrors lay below of the waves. Not only do these mobs have an eerie presence, but they also typically sneak up on you at the worst times. Not only do they look like Cyclopes, they also act like them. That’s right, these monsters can fire lazers!

All in all, if you do manage to get down into the depths and surpass the hordes of evil eye monsters chasing you, you might get an opportunity to get the vast amount of gold within the temple. However can you get out? This is a new step for Minecraft, making veteran hardcore players feel truly challenged. Can you be among those who can lay claim to having conquered this challenge?

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