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Last year, I entered (and won) the Votable Build Competition #2, with “Caelum Silva – the Forest in the Sky”, a massive floating forest. At the time, I promised to create a behind the scenes video showing off some of the building process, and some of the effects in the trailer (like the text). However, circumstances meant that I couldn’t finish video until recently. Now, finally, “Caelum Silva: Behind the Scenes” has been released.

Behind the Scenes Material

To accompany the video, here’s a selection of material that should give you a peek into the development of Caelum Silva.

The Legend of Caelum Silva

I wrote this poem after building the two villages that sit atop the floating islands. Originally, I planned to use it as a voiceover for the cinematic, but scrapped this idea soon after. 

Legend tells of a forest in the sky
floating high above the clouds
hidden away from mere mortal eye

of elves and angels
Of mysterious lights, and precious treasures
Of groves of trees, and forgotten towns

of majesty
of beauty
of a place where men can fly

yet no-one knows what lies above

That falls to you, dear searchers
you have been called,
summoned, by the horn.

The task falls to you
Find the land of Caelum Silva
Find the forest in the sky

Find the home of the elves,
so that we may return

Find our groves, our towns, our islands
Find them quickly,
for we shall return

Let all know, the elves shall return,
return to our homeland

The book of Translation has been opened
The seals have been forged
Await our return, for the elves shall come.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of screenshots while building. Here are the three that I could find.
2015-09-22_16.46.54 caelum-1 caelum-2

Download the World

If you’ve read this far, and want to download and explore Caelum Silva for yourself, you can! Get it here.
In case you get lost while exploring, here’s a map of Caelum Silva as a reference:


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