So you wanna be a Minecraft superstar and live large? A big house, five diamond swords, you’re in charge. Comin’ up in the nether, don’t trust nobody. Creeper over your shoulder constantly. Anyways… The new American dream isn’t about your grandma’s picket fence. It’s about being viral.. it’s about becoming a famous Minecraft Youtuber. This is the Official guide to becoming a FAMOUS Minecraft Youtuber.

How to Become a Famous Minecraft Youtuber

Phase 1: The “Paperwork”

-Think of your name. It should be unique and really catchy. Don’t worry if it’s a long name, look at Stampylongnose. Notice however it’s only 4 syllables. Maybe syllables is more important than length.
-Create a Youtube and Twitter account(or Instagram account) choose your fav social network, and stick to one. Stay Exclusive. This is how you will communicate with your fans.
-Sign up for Google Adsense and connect it to your Youtube channel. You might need a parent for this if you are under 18. Personally we think you can hold off on this part. The most important thing are views, if you’re not getting views, the pennies earned won’t be worth it.

Phase 2: Creative Session

-Think of your niche. Are you going to do how to videos? Build videos? Trolling? Hunger Games? Mod Reviews? We think the best method to discover this is to do a little of all until you find something that works.

-Now that you have a plan you need to a cool skin, header graphics, intro bumper video and a “quirk.” What do we mean by “quirk”? Well you need something that is original that is different from the rest? Maybe you have a funny or cool voice? Maybe you welcome your viewers in a unique way.. Whatever it is, it’s all about you, you cannot fake that. No matter how lame it might be lol. You can find others to make you graphics on Twitter, you can trade work with them. So that cost can be zero.

Phase 3:Software & Equipment Needed

-It’s Very important to have this as the minimum when you decided to broadcast your game on Youtube.
***If you are recording from your console, you could have a capture card so you can hook it up directly to your computer. but if not, you can use a camcorder.
***If you are recording directly of your computer screen, then you can use a screen recording program like Fraps.
****You will also need a good microphone, which you can pick up for cheap from Amazon. We think a headset would be the best to keep your hands free.

***VoiceChat: There’s Gilby’s Voicechat mod. It’s stable and support. Check it out... If you don’t want to do that then you can use Skype.
***You also need video editing software. Windows has windows movie makes, and Apple has iMovie. They are perfect for what you need. You can always invest in something more if you get the views. Let the views dictate the investment.

Phase 4:Getting The Word Out

-Okay the basics are now complete. You want to become a famous Minecraft Youtuber. So what’s left? You need to spread the word of your channel. It’s all about going viral. So you need to spread your name. This is a list of things we think which really help:

***Blast a link on your social network. How do you get followers? Enlist the followback method and only follow Minecraft fans.. Have a good description on your bio which describes what you do. “Hey I’m a Youtube Minecrafter who creates awesome Redstone Inventions.” This way you have all the major keywords, so people who are searching “Awesome Redstone Inventions” will find your channel. Think about the growth in exponential figures. 1 shares to 5, 5 share to 5 each, that’s 25 already! We find twitter to be a great social medium to keep in contact with your fans.

***Post your videos on an appropriate subreddit on They got 70 billion views to their site in 2014!.

***Post your video links on other sites and comments. People do click them!

***Hold contests, people love contests. The loyalty adds up.

Phase 5:Expanding and Fine Tuning

-If your channel does get even 100 subscribers, that’s validation enough that you’re doing something right. The internet is your best critic.
-Since you have some momentum you want to start asking your viewers what they want more of and then deliver it. Remember, there’s 80 million copies of Minecraft sold. That means 80 million gamers minimum. All you want is 1 percent and you will be a MEGA famous Minecraft Youtuber.

We leave you with this for inspiration:

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