Are you looking for an addition to your modern build? Perhaps something to add to the living room? Or maybe you need something to complete the nerd-cave. Alternatively, you just want a cool computer. The solution to all of these problems is a vanilla gaming pc setup created by MagmaMusen. This build is survival-friendly, however, it utilises ender rods from 1.9 snapshots (optional). It also requires chainmail helmets for a realistic keyboard, so it’s not exactly the first addition you’ll make to your pad. Once you add it however, you can pwn all the n00bs and be a l33t h4x0r. (Does anyone even use leetspeak anymore?)

Other uses for this awesome setup could include an addition to a creative map, or as part of an adventure map. You can basically go crazy with it, although I wouldn’t recommend using it in a medieval build (for obvious reasons).

Once you’ve got your Minecraft PC set up, check out some other details you can add to your world including a typewritershop displays and a giant piston door.

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