The Slime Block is a transparent block that resembles a Slime. If the player (or any other mob) jumps onto the block, they will bounce on it at a slightly lower height than their original jump. When they land back on the block, they will bounce at an even lower height than the previous bounce, and the cycle repeats until the player or mob is just standing on the block.

Some quick facts about slime blocks before getting started:
  • Slime Blocks can be mined instantly with your hand.
  • A Minecart leaving a rail onto a Slime Block will be able to continue on a rail on the opposite side, if it has sufficient momentum leaving the initial rail.
  • Because Chickens tend to land softly, they rarely if ever will bounce on the block.
  • Because it lets light pass through, a Slime Block doesn’t deactivate a Beacon.
  • Any entity landing on the sides of the block will not bounce. In order to bounce, you need to land in the middle.
  • The texture of the inside block uses the 10×10 center of the 16×16 slime.png file.
  • Slime blocks under Soul Sand will make you go as slow as ice under Soul Sand.
  • Slime blocks will not allow spawning of mobs regardless of light level.

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This is just the beginning! What have you invented? Post it in the comments and share with your friends. Let’s get slimey!

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