Minecon is only 9 days away and we can hardly hold in our excitement! This year is going to be huge, mainly because this is the first Minecon since 2013 and Microsoft now owns Mojang. We will be right there reporting it live so make sure you follow us.

What we can expect at Mincon 2015

#1- Minecraft 1.9

The full, out of beta version of Minecraft was originally released at Minecon 2011, with Notch pulling a giant lever on stage, and everyone cheering. 4 years later, a similar spectacle (bigger and better of course) to release the “2.0” version of Minecraft would be cool. At this point, it’s probably not going to happen, but it would be a great surprise!

#2- More details about “Workbench”

Minecraft’s ever elusive plugin api has been in the works for years. Originally planned for Beta 1.8, then rebranded, planned for 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5, we’re still waiting for it. Even if we don’t get a release for another year, Minecon 2015 would be a great place to hear some more details. I don’t expect a working example, especially given progress with the aforementioned Minecraft 1.9 article, but it would still be nice to hear more.

nStEuWX.jpg#3 – More Hololens Demos

At E3, we saw a much more detailed demo of Microsoft’s Hololens project working with Minecraft. It would be awesome to have a hands on experience at Minecon. If that’s not possible, I want to see more (let’s be honest – it looks awesome).

#4 – Minecraft Oculus Rift

Mojang’s position towards the Rift has changed a number of times in the past – from Notch’s statement that he wouldn’t work with Facebook, to his later backstepping, and a decision that now lies with the development team of Minecraft. Since the Oculus isn’t a direct competitor to the Hololens, I can see them both happening. (Maybe it’s just that I want to).

#5 – Cape

The capes that Mojang awards to Minecon Attendees each year is pretty cool. While Gearcraft sadly won’t be getting one, I’m still looking forwards to seeing what the design is this year, especially given previous years capes.

#6 – Cosplay

The second thing starting with C on this list, I’m interested to see what cosplay is on show at Minecon. With a game that’s reasonably easy to create costumes for (think cardboard boxes and paint), it should be epic!cosplay-mall

#7 – Minecraft 2

I know the first item on this list was Minecraft 1.9. However, with the recent release of “Lego Worlds”, I think now is the time for a new game, with better graphics, to be released. Call it “Minecraft 2: The Second One”, and put it on Steam Early Access. Maybe this is just a fantasy, but I think it would be awesome

Disclaimer: This list is a list of things that I (or the team at Gearcraft), want to see at Minecon. If you think we’ve missed something, let me know in the comments below!

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