Back in February last year, I published a collection of 7 epic Minecraft bedrooms. Now, here’s 7 more awesome Minecraft-themed bedrooms. Even though I’m probably too old for a Minecraft bedroom, I particularly like number 3 – the little house is awesome!

#1 – Fort Bed – Catherine Elsby | The Rustic Willow

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#2 – Tracy Bone |

Minecraft themed bedroom. Bookcase is customised vinyl attached to the side of his wardrobe - from Blackout blind from Dunelm. Bedding is white linen with plain red duvet cover from Argos. Stone wall mounted box and TNT are customised IKEA boxes again from Official wall mounted Minecraft light from Firebox. Complete with a little 'Ellie' as homage to Dan TDM.:

#3 – Kim |

Bedroom created for a minecraft-obsessed child!:

#4 – Ashea Williams |

Minecraft themed bedroom. I made the bed area to look like inside a Minecraft house, the side walls like the outside world, and the closet a mine. It's not 100% done, but the OWEN8OR is moving to his big boy room today! 11/8/14.:

#5 – The Wise Steward |

Minecraft bedroom for the boys.:

#6 – Marie-Eve Desbiens |

Ensemble de chambre à coucher de Minecraft #1, 6 éléments, torches, blocs de château, oreiller, couvre-selles poitrine sur Etsy, $127.39 CAD:

#7 – Sara Salyers |

Which room is your favourite? Is your room decorated in Minecraft Style? Let us know in the comments below!

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