Minecraft can be quite a resource intensive game. If you’re playing on PC however, there are some things you can to do increase performance.

#1 – Reduce Particles

By turning particles to “reduced” or “minimal”, you can improve performance – simply by removing part of what Minecraft needs to render.

#2 – Reduce Render Distance

Minecraft by default supports render distances of up to 32. In reality however, 8 chunks is a much more reliable distance for midrange hardware, and 4 chunks for lower hardware.

#3 – Turn Smooth Lighting to minimum

Smooth Lighting is an effect that makes shadows less blocky. It can have a huge impact on performance however, so reducing it to minimum reduces the draw on your computer, and allows Minecraft to run better.

#4 – Change Graphics from “Fancy” to “Fast”

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do – it will drop the preset to a lower quality, the trade off being massive system perforance improvements on restart.

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#5 – Turn off Clouds

What seems like a small adjustment can bring about a massive change – just because the cloud texture isn’t being duplicated at a crazy rate.

#6 – Make sure Minecraft is the only program running.

Trying to run other games in the background will cause Minecraft to run slowly, as it is competing with other programs for the computer’s resources. If you cut everything else out, your PC can instead focus on Minecraft.

#7 – Install Optifine

Optifine is a nifty mod that optimizes Minecraft, allowing it to run better and faster with full support for HD textures. You can download it here

What’s your tip for making Minecraft run better? Let us know in the comments below!

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