Minecraft is constantly evolving. Each update brings new content to the game. Here are 7 suggestions which we would awesome in Minecraft:

The Suggestions

1: A Water/Drinking System

A hunger system was added in Beta 1.8, but something that has been noticebly absent is a drinking system to go along with it. This would add another challenge to the game, while also adding another use for water bottles besides brewing. We’re not 100% about how this would work, so perhaps you could give some ideas in the comments.

2: Junk Food

Minecraft has a lot of different foods – steak, cooked porkchops, cooked chicken, melons, cooked mutton, cookies, carrots, potatoes, cake,
pumpkin pie, bread and a few other things. What it’s missing however is junk food – imagine being able to rustle up some McDonalds or Taco Bell. The addition of Junk Food would also enable lucrative marketing deals, thus bringing in more money.

3: More Animations for Steve

Steve, at the moment, can only walk. Imagine if he could swim, run, dance, skip and do backflips. We’d love to see these things added, if only for creating Minecraft Videos.

4: Colored Beds

Unless you use a resourcepack, you can only have the normal, boring Red bed. Imagine if beds could be dyed in much the same way leather Armour, wolf collars and banners were.

5: More Pets

Currently, Minecraft has very few pets. The wolf, cat and bunny could be complimented so well with birds, hampsters, actual dogs, mice, rats and snakes. Who doesn’t want a pet hampster in their mineshaft?

6: A Friends List

One of the most requested suggestions, having a friends list in Minecraft would make multiplayer much better. If you could see which servers your friends were on, and join them, or chat to them in game.

7: Colored Redstone

For all the redstone engineers reading this – Making massive redstone contraptions is hard. Imagine having wires which didn’t join, because they were different colors.

Over to You

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