Sometimes, Minecraft needs a hip hop twist. These 6 hip hop stars will make you want to grab a mic and bust a freestyle.


01-Kesha1.) Ke$ha – Ke$ha lovers unite & get sleazy! Grab her skin here.







2.) Lil Wayne – Who dat? Lil Wayne is indeed retiring from the biz. But you can still rap with him, grab the skin here.





03-2pac3.) Tupac Shakur – A lot of mystery surrounds 2pac’s death.  In 2012, 2pac appeared at the Coachella Music Festival. Where will be sited next? Minecraft!




04-Snoop4.) Snoop Dogg – Woof! Tha Dogg pound is in the House. Blaze it up in Minecraft.  Downlizzoad mah nizzle!





05-Eminem5.) Eminem – Guess whose back? Back again? Slim Shady is back, with a skin.  Download now.





06-MCHammer6.) MC Hammer – You CAN touch this. Because this skin is too legit to quit. Take it ol skool today, download here.





Dominate the Rap Game, and rap battle with your friends, share this today!

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