When creating a new world in Minecraft, there are a lot of things to add to your world. Some are essential, and some are optional. Today, we present 33 things that every Minecraft World needs to have in it.

The list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a great start.

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33 Things Every Minecraft World Needs

  1. A Player
  2. Roads
  3. Crafting Table
  4. Rollercoaster
  5. Storage Room
  6. Wheat Farm
  7. Torches
  8. Automatic Potion Brewer
  9. Infinite Water Source
  10. Item Disposal System
  11. Mob Farm
  12. Castle
  13. Railway
  14. Walls
  15. Slime Farm
  16. Enderman Farm
  17. Gold Farm
  18. Iron Farm
  19. Chicken Cooker
  20. Smooth Stone Generator
  21. Cobblestone Generator
  22. Redstone
  23. Trees
  24. Flying Machine
  25. A Town
  26. Panic Room
  27. Centrally Controlled Lighting system
  28. Bridges
  29. A Map Room
  30. A Cruise Ship
  31. A Piston Trap
  32. A Shrine (To something)
  33. Signs with totally obvious text

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