Correction: The original version of this article described the redstone as a “NOT” Gate. We were incorrect, and have rectified this mistake
Minecraft is the game of this generation. It’s inescapable. Minecraft is however, a useful tool in some circumstances. For example, lets look at the real life lessons you can learn from it.
In no particular order; here are the top 3 lessons.

1. What looks good, and what looks bad

When you’re in a world where everything’s built out of blocks, it’s quickly a competition to see what’s the best you can build with blocks.

2. Teamwork

I recently hopped on the MineZ 2 server to see what it was all about. The one thing that stood out was the amazing amount of teamwork in towns. I had people healing me, sharing supplies and talking. Interactions like this are even more important in real life, and Minecraft is a great place to practice this.

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3. Basic Electricity

Redstone’s not a perfect model of how electricity works, but it’s teaching kids everywhere the basics.
This for example, is a basic AND gate – the torch at the front won’t turn on unless the two torches on the top are turned off, and they are controlled by the two levers at the back. It’s science man…

These are only just three lessons, and i’m sure we’ll talk about more in the future.

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