I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve, with a busy year behind me, and a busier one ahead. While 2014 saw Mojang acquired by Microsoft, and two massive updates released; I believe that 2015 will bring even more momentous changes to the game we all love. Taking Microsoft into account, and maybe a few wishes, here are some predictions for 2015.

1. Official Oculus Rift Support

When Facebook purchased Oculus early in 2014, Notch signaled that Minecraft wouldn’t be receiving official support, due to his dislike of Facebook’s business model. Now that he’s departed Mojang, and living in a 70 Million Dollar mansion, this is likely to change. This does hinge on Oculus releasing a consumer version of their headset in 2015, which is currently scheduled for November.

2. Mod API Finally Released

Oh, the Mod API. Something we’ve been waiting for since 2010, and it might actually come next year. Of course, if it doesn’t, this will be on the 2016 prediction list. Having an official API to allow modders more freedom with Minecraft code will revolutionize the modding scene. As it stands, Minecraft 1.8 was released in early September, and still numerous mods are incompatible, due to the hard work of updating mods as it currently stands.

3. EULA Enforcement Will Become Transparent

2014 also saw Mojang reword their End User License Agreement (EULA), to clarify their position on servers selling balance-breaking kits for ridiculous amounts of money (sometimes upwards of $500). The clarification saw many servers change their business models, or at least remove game breaking kits. Yet even more servers simply ignored the EULA clarification, and continued business as usual. While Mojang claims that they are dealing with issues behind the scenes, it appears as if nothing has happened. By making enforcement transparent, Mojang would be able to show that servers which infringe are dealt to.

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4. PC Sales Surpass 25 Million

According to Minecraft.net/stats, 17,906,703 people have bought the PC/Mac version of Minecraft (number taken at the time of writing – 31/12/2014). That’s nearly 18 Million copies sold. While Minecraft is a popular title on the consoles, many users will struggle with the limits imposed upon consoles, including smaller world sizes and fewer updates, and migrate to PC. I think the popularity of Minecraft will also continue to increase, as more of the younger generation (The “Minecraft Generation“) get into Minecraft.

5. Console Editions Updated

While my previous prediction was about PC Sales growing as console users transitioned, I also think that Mojang, and 4J Studios will have to step up their game, and bring the Console Editions more up to par. The numerous aesthetic, redstone and biome changes that 1.7 and 1.8 bought need to come to the consoles soon. Sadly, features like infinite worlds and huge render distances, as well as mods will most likely remain PC Exclusive.

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What do you think 2015 will bring for Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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