This list is from /u/billyK_ on Reddit.  His post covers several aspects, from mobs to blocks. How many did you already know? 

  • giantpinksheepYou can find Pink Wool on randomly generating sheep in the world, but they are much rarer than the traditional black, white, grey, and brown sheep.
  • Boats and minecarts both have health, at 3 hearts (6 health), for them. This is why you can sometimes “crash” them, and they not break.
  • Notch is the only Player that will drop an Apple when he dies, along with the rest of his Inventory.
  • fatsteveSteve’s approximate weight is over 900 lbs! (He’s really 431.44 Kg (916.16 lbs))
  • Bats can’t be attached to leads, even though they are a passive friendly mob.
  • Iron Golems can fling Giants
  • Torches can be used to clear sand and gravel faster, as they break the blocks into entities. But did you know that redstone, redstone repeaters, pressure plates, and mushrooms can do the same thing?
  • Bedrock has a blast resistance of 18,000,000, but it can’t be broken even with an egregious amount of TNT.
  • Mossy Cobble can only be found in 3 places: Jungle Temples, dungeons, and in Mega Tiaga Biomes.
  • Sponge use to be able to prevent griefings with water, but since the 1.1, this has been removed.
  • Beacons can shine through lava, but not water. You also can’t have a beacon work underwater.
  • The Ender Chest, Flower Pot, and Item Frame were all suggested by Reddit, and implemented.
  • Cauldrons can un-dye leather armor, collect rain, be used with potion making, and, if you’re on fire, extinguish you. The last method is also the only way water can be “available” in the Nether.
  • Mobs can occasionally get stuck in vertically flowing water, causing them to drown.
  • Bonemeal used on normal grass can make 2 block tall grass.
  • If you want to harvest Obsidian with your fist, it will take you 4 minutes and 10 seconds. And you won’t get the block.
  • Before Beta 1.6, wooden stairs didn’t burn. Now they do.
  • In the Nether, you can use dark oak saplings to break bedrock.
  • For every one item that is on a gold pressure plate, you need 10 more on an iron pressure plate to have them be equal in signal strength.
  • dinnerboneNaming any mob Dinnerbone or Grumm will flip them upside down, while naming a sheep jeb_ will cause it to constantly change color.



BONUS!!: 120 more facts!

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DID YOU KNOW PSA: Notch failed @ programming a pig, he ended up with the form of the creeper & liked it so he made it into a creeper that blows your shit up

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So how many did you already know? Hope you enjoyed these, and please share!
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