Minecraft is awesome, but you guys have some great suggestions for making it even better

We’ve trawled through Twitter, and found the following suggestions from you—the gamers—as to what should be added to Minecraft.

In no particular order, here they are:

Harrison Conrad @CptConrad
@GearCraftus A vaccine against poisoning. Useful for mineshaft explorations. :-)

@GearCraftus villagers that can fight back

Max Tordoff @maxdanetordoff
@GearCraftus more weapons

Cailyn Grace @CailynGracexx 
@GearCraftus That’s a hard one! I would probably add more variety of blocks. Like some things from the decoration mod. That’d be cool!

The Fire Seler @thefireseler
@GearCraftus I will add surkul (spheres, circles)

Madison Victoria @mvictoria0118
@GearCraftus iPhones androids and fast cars that don’t lag

Joshua Hendrickson @jshendrickson1
@GearCraftus emerald armor/weapons, more sea life (ride-able/tamable dolphins?), blocks that can carry current as well as redstone dust

Spooooooooooooky Cat @crazy_catcat_
@GearCraftus hmm… Maybe more bosses like maybe a fire dragon or maybe a evolving one like u don’t know what it is and if you do something to harm it it will become a big boss man sort of thingy lol??

@GearCraftus walk with a torch in your hand for light

@GearCraftus voice chat

Filippo Bernardi @filippo0710
@GearCraftus Birds in minecraft without resource packs and mods in 1.8!

Spooooooooooooky Cat @crazy_catcat_
@GearCraftus I would like to see all kinds of animals like giraffes bears lions and other animals like that.

Over to You

What do you think of these suggestions? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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