With the PC release of GTA V just around the corner, now is a good time to highlight 10 reasons why Minecraft is a better game.

1 – It’s got a bigger world.
Yes, Los Santos is reasonably big, but it doesn’t even compare to the size of Minecraft worlds.

2 – Better freeroam

You can do whatever you want in Minecraft. There are no limitations. In GTA V, you can only run around in a modern-day city. How does that compare to Minecraft, where you can be in whatever place you want?

3 – Better graphics

This one might be cheating a bit, but a powerful computer can run Minecraft Shaders, and that looks beautiful – way better than GTA V’s “realistic” graphics. (Blame that on the consoles though).

4 – Cheaper
GTA V starts at around $60. Minecraft costs $27. At just under half the price, Minecraft is clearly the better deal!

5 – More playtime
Just look to Youtube if you want an example of this. Minecraft can entertain people for almost as long, (if not longer) than Skyrim. 2015 marks my 4th year of playing, and i’m not going to stop anytime soon!

6 – Mods, mods, mods

While GTA V will undoubtedly get mods, Minecraft has literally thousands of them. If you can imagine it, it probably exists.

7 – Resourcepacks

Want to change what the game looks like? Download a resourcepack. You can’t do that in GTA V.

8 – Playable on Linux
This probably only affects a small amount of people, but Minecraft is playable on Linux distros. GTA V is not.

9 – Other players.
So you can play with 32 other people. How cute. Minecraft servers can have more than 10,000 players.

10 – Gameplay

So GTA V is about killing people, stealing stuff, and killing more people. There’s a heist somewhere. Minecraft on the other hand lets you kill people if you want (PVP Servers), but also has creative mode, survival, and then the huge array of custom maps. Clearly, there’s much more gameplay in Minecraft.


As you can tell from this list, Minecraft is clearly better than GTA V. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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