Minecraft screenshots are one thing, but the following images take it to the next level. In no particular order, here are 10 amazing Minecraft IRL (In Real Life) images:

1:Feeding my dog
Reddit User Pyrodon
Feeding my Dog

2:My take on Minecraft IRL – Computer
Reddit User yellowram
My take on Minecraft IRL - Computer

3:Watch Your Step
Reddit User perseuspot
Watch Your Step

4:I think he’s hiding from me…
Reddit User epicandstuff
I think he's hiding from me...

5:Steve pushing a skele off a cliff
Reddit User dreisler
Steve pushing a skele off a cliff

6:Entrance to the Realm
Reddit User NemisisX31
Entrance to the Realm<

7:Squid Tank
Reddit User jt663
Squid Tank

8:There’s something under my floorboards
Reddit User ArchaeopteryxAlex
There's something under my floorboards

9:What Minecraft IRL would really look like
Reddit User enchilado
What Minecraft IRL would really look like

10:Minecraft Leaking Through
Reddit User enricowereld
Minecraft Leaking Through

Bonus: endermen make terrible neighbours
Youtuber TeaAndMinecraft

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How would you order these? Which was your favourite? Have you created your own Minecraft IRL Images? Let us know the answers to these questions in the comments below!

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